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Top 15 best batman villains-Pt.1

I promised I post something. Well, here it is.

Since this is the year of batman’s 75th anniversary, I’ve decided to put together my personal top 15 list, counting down the best villains the dark knight has ever faced.

Note: The Joker is NOT on this list. I know it a cardinal sin not to include Mr. J, but I see more as one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, not just a batman rogue. ANd this is MY list and MY rules.

With that out-of-the-way, let begin.

15) The Ventriloquist:


I know some people don’t like wesker, but I’ve always liked the ventriloquist. A quiet and timid man, wesker suffers from multiple personality disorder, which manifests into a violent puppet, Scarface. Scarface and wesker are perfect for Batman’s gallery of rogues, being both silly and dangerous.

Wesker is completely dominated by Scarface, with the dummy serving as the “brains” of the operation and always bully Arnold, verbally and physically. What makes the ventriloquist so dangerous is the fact that is underestimated. His victims just see him as a sad little man with a toy, oblivious to the fact that the “toy” has a loaded gun and won’t hesitate to use it. Scarface, despite appearances, is one of Gotham’s most dangerous crime lords and does not stand for any lack of respect.

14) Firefly:

Firefly 2

Garfield lynns, AKA Firefly, is more dangerous than wesker.

With his built-in jet-pack and handle flame-thrower, all firefly wants is to watch Gotham burn to the ground. Funny enough, firefly debuted during the silver age, and quite frankly, he was pretty rubbish. Following the dark revival of batman in the 80s, Garfield returned, as a pyro maniac obsessed with the flame.

Firefly has proven to be a formidable foe on many occasions, with his obsessions making him especially disturbed. “Gotham’s gonna burn!”

13) Mad Hatter:


Jervis tetch is a prime example of a batman villains: colourful and camp in appearance, but deadly and ruthless in nature. Out of all the villains, he is by far the most deranged. suffering from schizophrenia to obsessive-compulsive disorder, the latter stemming from his obsession with Alice in wonderland.

Because of this obsession, his crimes are all inspired by the tale, from stealing hats of all shapes and sizes, to abducting girls he thinks are “Alice”.

What makes his dangerous is his use of mind control.  Tetch has used many forms of mind control to dominate his victims (from drugs to control discs) and act out his twisted fantasies. Truth be told, I’ve always seen Jervis as one of the more sympathetic villains of Gotham, as all he wants is companionship and acceptance, but uses the wrong methods to get them.

Overall, if you meet Tetch, go to his tea party, or else.

12) Black mask:


Black mask is a combination of two types of criminals in Gotham: the costumed theatrics of Batman’s rogues and the mentality of a crime boss.

Black Mask is one of Batman’s most cunning and sadistic foes. Utterly ruthless, Black mask will stop at nothing and use any method to get power within the Gotham underworld.

I’ve often seen as a criminally underused member of Batman’s rogues gallery, which is a shame because this man is one of the most evil villains in comics. He cruelty and sadism was best displayed during the war games arc, where he used the recent power vacuum to become the kingpin of crime in Gotham city. Not before brutally torturing Stephanie brown, the fourth robin.

His sadistic tendencies would extend to catwoman, and while I won’t reveal any spoilers, I will say that what Black mask does to catwoman is one of the most evil things ever done to a person. Pick up Catwoman relentless and you will see what I mean.

11) Mr. Zsasz


In many ways, Victor Zsasz is the worst kind of criminal. He is the kind that chooses to kill.

Zsasz came from a normal background, but choose to be a killer, and murder everyone in Gotham, if not the whole world. Man, woman or child, it makes no difference to Victor. Everyone is a victim, waiting to die by his blade. And whenever he kills someone, he makes a tally  mark on his body, in order to remind himself of his kill.

Batman hates zsasz the most, because he kill at random and shows no remorse for his actions. At one point, Victor nearly killed Alfred, furthering Bruce’s hatred of him.

It’s the realism of zsasz that makes him so dangerous and scary. Because he was once a normal man, but snapped and became a monster.

Come back tomorrow 4 Part 2 of my countdown.