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Top 40 greatest comic book villains-part 6

15. harley quinnHarley Quinn

Not much I can say about Quinn that hasn’t already been said. She started out as the Joker’s “girlfriend” and right-hand women, but quickly became one of the most popular villains in Batman’s rogues gallery, arguably even more popular than “Mr. J”. Initially appearing in B:TAS, Quinn would eventually make the transition into the comics, video games and soon the big screen.

Honestly, there are times were Harley doesn’t even act like a true villain. She’s more like a happy, jovial and energetic girl who wants nothing more than to have fun. However, like many villains in Batman’s world, she has gotten darker over the years, especially since DC rebooted their line four years ago. As a fan of the character, I think they made her too psychotic and too dark. I don’t mind giving her an edge, but it has to feel natural and not forced. It reminds me of something out of the 90s.

But, getting back to the character, Harley came close to succeeding where others have failed. During the definitive Harley story Mad Love, she captured Batman, hung him over a pool of sharks and would have dropped him in if the Dark Knight hadn’t manipulated her into calling the Joker. Joker’s girlfriend came THIS close to killing Batman, something her dear sweet “Puddin” has never been able to do.

As mentioned before, Harley’s popular because she is too sweet to be a villain, but if I could think of one moment where she came close to true villainy, it would be the above moment from Mad Love.


Riddler is one of the most iconic villains in comics. Yet, on paper he is one of the weakest villains. From his look to his obsessions with riddles only Batman can solve, Edward should really be a more obscure bad-guy. However, its thanks to the popularity and acclaim of Frank Gorshin’s portrayal in the Adam West Batman and his later revision in the 90s animated series, Riddler has persisted and thrived ever since. Honestly even if it weren’t for Gorshin and his cackle, I think the riddler is a great character. Like most of Batman’s rogues, he is ruled by obsession, in his case it’s riddles. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t resist leaving clues at the scene of his crimes, even though it can incriminate him and lead to his arrest. It has been hinted that this obsession stems from a bad childhood, as well as his ego. In the Riddler’s mind, Batman is his only intellectual equal and he won’t rest until he has beaten and humiliated him, both physically and intellectually. It’s this obsession that has made Riddler the most persistent villain in Gotham and the most dangerous as he will go to extreme lengths to prove his genius to everyone….especially the Dark Knight.


The latest villain to appear in the MCU this Summer, the twisted and demented robot known as Ultron has tormented the Avengers since 1968. Ultron was created by founding member Hank Pym. Originally meant to be a force for good, Hank’s great dream turned into a nightmare as Ultron went rogue and vowed to kill every single human on the planet and replace them all with his fellow robots. Out of all the villains the Avengers have faced over the years, Ultron is by far their deadliest adversary, as he is always upgrading himself into new and more powerful forms and has come close to achieving his vision of a world populated with his robot brothers. The mad robot’s most notable acts include creating two robotic followers, the Vision and Jocasta (who would defect and join the avengers), slaughtered an entire Eastern nation and even tried to conquer the entire universe!

The one thing that appeals to me is that there is more depth to him then just his obsession with wiping out humanity. He is equally obsessed with proving his superiority to all humans, including his “Father”. For all of his hatred towards humans, Ultron has very real human flaws (anger, madness, sadness and even love), and he doesn’t even realise it.


Many people have said that Luthor is Superman’s arch-foe, but while I like Luthor, there is only one villain in the man of steel’s rogues gallery who will forever be a thorn in his side.The mad alien genius, Brainiac. Originally from the planet Colu, Brainiac travels across the universe, collecting knowledge by shrinking the cities and destroying the worlds where they originated. In his twisted mind, as long as he has the cities of these worlds and their histories, the actual planets themselves are inconsequential and meaningless. Because of his obsession with knowledge, Brainiac has destroyed countless worlds across the galaxy. One of the cities that Brainiac has shrunk is Kandor, the capital of Superman’s home-world, Krypton, which has made their rivalry more personal. In some continuities, Brainiac is the cause (both directly and indirectly) of Krypton’s destruction. Their rivalry got even more personal when one of Brainiac’s attacks led to the death of Clark’s adopted father, Pa Kent.

Brainiac is one of the greatest minds in comics, possessing an intellect of 12 and making him one of Superman’s smartest foes, perhaps even smarter than Lex luthor. Brainiac has been one of my favourites for years and for good reason. He doesn’t hate life, as more that he is indifferent to it and sees everything other than gathering all the knowledge in the world as pointless and unnecessary. To him, knowledge is power.

11.Captain ColdCaptain ColdSinestroSinestro

I’m going to cheat here and include two villains at No. 11, but honestly, these villains roles in DC comics have been greatly expanded and fleshed out thanks to Geoff Johns, so I felt it’s right to have them share a position on my countdown.

Most villains wants to take over the world, but for Len Snart, he just wants money and woman. As Captain Cold, he is the first of flash’s rogues, and the most dangerous, despite his look. Unlike Mr. Freeze, Cold has mastered absolute zero with his cold gun, able to stop the molecular motion of any object in motion, including the flash’s speed. On top of that, he is also very cunning and a stern leader among the rogues, always looking out for them and making sure they stay focused on their goals (he once beat Mirror Master for his drug addiction). Despite his name, he is not always “cold-hearted”.

Out of all of DC comics villains, Captain Cold is my absolute favourite. I love the simplicity of the character, from his costume to his motivation: he want to steal what he wants, when he wants and isn’t afraid to battle someone who moves at the speed of light. And while he doesn’t have any powers, cold has managed to hold his own against the flash for years and while they are not friend, Cold has a begrudging respect for Barry.

For one of comics “silliest” villains, Captain Cold’s leadership skills, cunning and ruthless nature has made him one of comics most enduring  and complex villains.

Sinestro on the other hand was once hailed as the greatest of the Green Lantern corps, until his obsession with order led him to take over his own planet. Once stripped of his ring, Sinestro forged his own from the anti-matter universe and waged a one man war against the guardians and his pupil turned arch-foe, Hal Jordan. Like cold, Sinestro was given an overhaul, but took it a step further by creating his own Corp, the Sinestro Corps and started the war of light. Over the years, Sinestro has continued to play a pivotal role within the green lantern franchise, from one-note bad-guy to one of comics most compelling villains.

Both of these villains have risen to become two of comics best rogues, and will continue to be a force to be reckon with in their respective corners of the DC universe.


Top 40 greatest comic book villains-Part 5

This won’t be easy. There are so many villains that I love. Whether it’s their costumes, powers, origins, personalities or influence, narrowing it  down to the final 20 won’t be easy. Still, this is my list and what I say goes. So, here is the top 20 best comic book villains:

20. Hunter   Kraven the Hunter

Kraven has one distinction among Spider-man’s rogues, as he is the only villain to have beaten spidey, but not just physically, but mentally as well.

After years of defeats, Kraven the Hunter was overcome, not only by blind hatred but his own growing madness. Tracking spider-man down and subduing him, Kraven drew his gun and then…Bang. But, that was not the end. In reality, Kraven had just shot Peter with an extra strong tranquillizer, making it looked like he died. He then buried Spider-Man alive and masqueraded as him for weeks, just to prove his superiority (Sorry Otto, but the hunter beat you to it). When Spider-Man dug himself out and found out what Kraven had done, he tracked him down and beat Kraven to a bloody pulp, but the hunter offered no resistance. In-fact, he looked..content. In Kraven’s mind, he won, as he not only defeated the spider, but humiliated him. By wearing the spider costume and running around as him, Kraven showed that he was a “better” Spider-Man than the original. Having finally bested his foe, Kraven vowed never to hunt again. And then, he took his own life.

One thing that most villains share is their obsession with the hero. For Kraven, his obsession had only gotten worst after years of losing to Spider-Man. Eventually, his insanity drove him to do what most villains have often not consider: the direct approach. No talking, no tricks and no toying with his prey. Kraven beat spider-man and finally felt at peace afterwards.

Kraven’s last hunt made me a huge fan of the character, and it’s because of it is why I think that his eventual return from the dead was not such a good idea. I understand why it happened (comics) ,but since then, not much has been done with the character and that really is a shame, because last hunt really gave Kraven levels of depth not seen in a minor villain like him. He went from a gimmick bad-guy into a tragic, Shakespearian villain, who finally achieved his ultimate goal and finally at peace with himself.

19.ZemoBaron Zemo

Like Kraven, Obsession runs deep in the lineage of the Zemo family. Starting with the original Baron Zemo, who was a Nazi scientist conducting experiments so horrific, that even his fellow Germans were disgusted. A prominent enemy for Captain America during the war, Zemo’s face became horribly disfigured during a battle with the captain, and he swore revenge. Following the Captain’s return, Zemo returned as well and formed the first incarnation of the Masters of Evil to combat The Avengers. His obsession with revenge led to his downfall, as Zemo died while fighting Captain America.

His legacy would live on, in his son Helmut Zemo. Helmut was just as obsessed as his father, even getting his face disfigured in a similar manner. However, unlike his father, Helmut was more cunning and ambitious. He formed the largest incarnation of the Masters of Evil and together, they defeated the Avengers! Not only that, but their attack almost killed Hercules and left Jarvis, Stark’s butler and Avengers aid, in critical condition. It was the darkest moment in the history of the Avengers and a precursor for Zemo’s greatest plan yet.

Following the disappearance of Earth’s greatest heroes, the Baron and several members of the Masters disguised themselves as new super heroes, the Thunderbolts. Hoping to take advantage of the world’s vulnerability, Zemo almost took over the world, while wearing the mask of its greatest hero.

I’ve always liked Zemo, and find it annoying that he is constantly getting overlooked by the most writers and the larger fan-base. He beat the avengers and nearly took over the world through cunning, manipulation and pure determination. His ambition rivals the Red-Skull’s and that is no small feat. However, since he has been cast in Captain America: Civil War, it won’t be long until the world sees the greatness that is Zemo.

18.MantaBlack Manta

The man known as Black Manta isn’t just ruled by obsession, but pure hatred for Aquaman and those close to him. While his exact origins are unknown, Manta has but one goal in his life and that goal is to make  Aquaman suffer pain like no other. He achieved this goal when he did the unthinkable: Murdering Aquaman’s infant son in cold blood. That’s right, Manta killed an innocent child just to get at the father.

People may see Green Goblin’s murder of Gwen Stacy as horrific, but this is even worst. It shows how far a man like Manta is willing to go to cause his enemy pain and agony. The worst part, Aquaman can’t bring himself to sink to Black Manta’s level, no matter how tempting it is, which means Manta is free to continue his vindictive campaign against Aquaman and his loved ones. Next to batman/joker and spider-man/goblin, Aquaman/Manta is one of the most heated rivalries in comics and is bound to get even worst in time.

17. ShredderShredder

The Shredder. When you hear that name, you instantly think of the arch-foe of the Ninja Turtles from the cartoons. But, as evil as they were, the cartoon incarnations are nowhere near as dark as the comic book incarnation. The Shredder is more ruthless, cruel and bloodthirsty, relentlessly hunting down his foes, never-resting until all who stands against him are destroyed.

A master of ninjitsu and leader of the Foot clan, Shredder has beaten all four turtles on multiple occasions, in the comics, films and cartoons. When the TMNT first came to TV, many of the darker elements were toned down, shredder included. But in recent years, the shredder’s portrayal on TV has been darker, to better reflect the comic books.

If I could think of the most evil villain in comic books right now, it would have to be the IDW version of the Shredder. Like previous versions, he is cruel, malicious, sadistic and utterly ruthless in combat, having been the cause of many tragedies against the turtles and their allies. Among his crimes include almost killing Casey Jones, destroying the home of April and even brainwashing Leo into becoming his right-hand. The Shredder has forever loomed over the turtles as their greatest adversary, no matter which universe they are from.

16. ZoomProfessor Zoom/Reverse Flash

Hailing from the future, Eobard Thawne has been the cause of every horrible event in the life of the Barry Allen, the Flash. From murdering his girlfriend Iris West, to even killing Barry’s mum, Professor Zoom is Barry Allen’s worst foe, someone who has all his powers and uses them to make his life a living nightmare.

The legacy of the Reverse-Flash would continue, this time in the form of criminal profiler and friend of Wally West, Hunter Zolomon. After being crippled by Grodd, Hunter begged Wally to go back in time and prevent it from happening. West refused and this drove Hunter into trying to go back in time himself, which resulted in him acquiring super seed himself. But the process drove him mad and he became the new reverse flash and caused Linda, Wally’s wife, to miscarry, effectively killing their twin children.

For every Flash, there has always been a Reverse Flash and tragedy always follows.

Top 40 greatest comic book villains-Part 4

25.Lady_shiva Lady Shiva

If there is one person in the DCU who rightfully deserves the title of greatest martial artist, its Lady Shiva. One of the world’s deadliest assassins, Shiva skills are unmatched and few have defeated her in hand-to-hand combat. The only ones to rival her skills are Richard dragon, Canary and Batman. Even so, a victory against her would not come easily. However, while she is a ruthless killer who hires out her skills to the highest bidder, she is ultimately motivated by her own self-interest, which has led her to train several heroes, including the Question and Tim Drake. She is also the mother of Cassandra Cain, the third Batgirl. However, that won’t stop Shiva from putting a blade to her daughter’s throat if she gets in her way.

24.penguinThe Penguin

Despite coming from a wealthy family, Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)was mercilessly bullied in his youth, eventually turning to a life of crime. What I’ve always loved about Penguin is his staying power. Often considered one of Batman’s weakest foes, Penguin is actually his most cunning foe, as he was smart enough to open his own business and become a respectable business man. Not only is he making money on the outside, he is making much more on the inside, thanks to his criminal connections. Despite this, he is still underestimated by others, which usually results in them getting a face full of machine gun,concealed inside one of his umbrellas. His popularity within popular culture is thanked largely to his appearance from the Adam West batman TV show, where he was played by Burgess Meredith. Like many of Batman’s foes, the Penguin has become a darker and more sadistic villain over the years, putting on the appearance of a wealthy business man and “reformed” criminal.

The Penguin has remained one of Batman’s most well-known foes and still continues to be a persistent and dangerous menace within the Gotham Underworld.

23.ArcaneAnton Arcane

There is only one word that best describes Anton Arcane: Monster. Obsessed with discovering the secrets of Immortality, Anton conducted twisted experiments on innocent victims, including his own brother and niece. Anton would eventually come across the swamp-thing, an encounter that resulted in Arcane losing his humanity, and his life. But, Anton’s evil knew no bounds and would not simply perish. He has come back again and again, with only one goal in mind: to torment his Niece Abigail and her lover, the Swamp thing.

Unlike the majority of villains on this list, Anton chooses to be evil, and loves every second of it. The lengths he will go to bring pain and misery to everyone around him is truly shocking. He once sent his own niece’s soul to hell, where she would be tortured forever and suffer atrocity after atrocity, just because he could. At-least with the Joker, there is a hint that he may have been a good man. But Arcane has never been good, he has never been anything, other than pure evil.


Kang the conqueror is a master of time. No, he is not a time lord, but he has mucked about with the time stream so many times, there are multiple versions of him, spread across time and space. Whether he is descended from Reed Richards or Dr. Doom is unknown, but what is known about Kang is that he hails from an alternate future and has used time travel extensively in his quest for power and control. He is one of the Avengers most frequent foes, having battled them on multiple occasions across time and space, and even has the distinction of being one of the few foes to have actually BEATEN them and actually conquered the entire world for a brief time. And while his lineage is prone to shift and change throughout the time stream, Kang will always be the conqueror.

21. Dark dimensionDormammu

Ruler of the Dark Dimension and arch-foe of the Sorcerer Supreme, Dormammu is one of the most powerful and evil brings in the Marvel universe. His powers are vast, including teleportation, mind control, matter manipulation and even time travel, among others. He is at his strongest within his dark dimension, where his powers knows no limits. His powers rivals the likes of Mephisto, the Celestials and even Galactus himself and he fears no one. He even managed to defeat both the Avengers and the Defenders single-handedly and has come dangerous close to conquering our dimension.

Like many marvel villains (and quite a few comic book characters) I didn’t really like Dormammu at first, but after looking into his history (and seeing his appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3) I’ve started to take a liking to the dark lord. The one thing that separates him from other, generic overlords is his fascination (and begrudging) respect for  his nemesis, Dr. Strange. He could destroy the sorcerer Supreme at any time, but chooses not. The reason for this is one, simple wish: to defeat the one mortal to ever stand up to him. Dormammu takes great amusement in tormenting and battling Strange, arguably more than conquering our world. While others have failed or briefly succeed, the dreaded Dormammu is arguably the one malevolent being who could finally take over the world and turn it into his own, hellish domain, IF he so Chooses.

Top 40 greatest comic book villains-Part 3


“Nothing can stop the Juggernaut!” Those words sum up this walking force of destruction perfectly. Half brother of Charles Xavier, Cain Marko discovered a mystical gem, the crimson gem of Cytorrak, and read the inscription on it, invoking the power of the crimson bands of Cytorrak and becoming a Living Juggernaut. Super human strength, durability, stamina and unrestrained momentum that cannot be stopped once he starts moving forward, The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, having battled many heroes, including the X-Men, the Hulk and most famously, Spider-Man. Similar to Rhino, Marko was portrayed as simple-minded, but over the years, he has grown more complex and even tragic to a degree. At one point, Juggernaut would join the X-Men for a brief time, but the corrupting powers of gem of Cytorrak would leave Marko in constant struggle with his good and evil sides. Whether his a hero or villain, The Juggernaut is raw power and he isn’t afraid to use it.

29.master of mirrorsMirror Master

Next to captain cold, Mirror Master is my all time favourite rogue. While in prison, Sam Scudder developed highly advanced optical technology, which allows him to travel to and from any location through mirrors or any other reflective surface. But that is not the extent of his powers, for the Mirror Master can create copies of himself to fool his enemies, hypnotize them, turn their eyeballs into glass, and even trap them inside mirrors, lost forever inside the mirror dimension.

A founding member of the Flash’s rogue’s gallery, Sam died during the original crisis, but his legacy lived on through Scottish hit-man, Evan McCullough, who proved to be even more ruthless than his predecessor. Regardless of who wears the mask, the Mirror Master is one of the most powerful villains to ever appear in a comic book, and his mirror-based weaponry has only gotten more powerful over the years.

28. PoisonPoison Ivy

If there is one villain who can control even the mighty Juggernaut, it’s Pamela Isley, AKA, Poison Ivy. Along with her stunning looks, Ivy also posses the power to control the minds of men (and women) through pheromones she secrets from her body, as well as the ability to control plant life and being immune to all forms of Poisons. Poison Ivy has been one of Batman’s most ruthless enemies, as she seeks to protect and preserve mother nature by killing anyone who threatens it. Despite being a classic villain in the DC universe, I feel that Pamela is criminally underutilized and overlooked, with her best stories stemming from B:TAS. At one time, Ivy took control of one of the most powerful beings in comic books, the man of steel himself, through a combination her mind-control spores and traces of Kryptonite. If she wanted, Ivy could control the entire justice league with her spores! The world’s greatest heroes in the thrall of Poison Ivy. Hopefully, a story like that might still happen one day.

27. Cyborg supermanCyborg Superman/Hank Henshaw

Some men want to rule the world, others want to see it burn. And others, such as Hank Henshaw, just wants to die. After a disastrous mission into space, the young astronaut once known as Hank Henshaw, was exposed to high levels of radiation that destroyed his body, piece by piece. But, he managed to transfer his mind into a cyborg body and appeared in front of his wife. Tragically, the shock of his appearance drove Hank’s wife to commit suicide. Driven insane by the lost of his humanity, Hank upgraded his cyborg form to resemble the man he sees as being responsible for his pain: Superman. Now known as Cyborg Superman, Hank has spread nothing but pain and destruction, including destroying the home city of Hal Jordan. Eventually, Henshaw joined the Sinestro Corps with one goal in his mind: to be destroyed. Having lost everything in his life, Hank just wants to die and end his miserable existence, even if it means ending the lives of millions to achieve this goal.

26. grendelGrendel ( Hunter Rose)

Over the years, Grendel has become a symbol of violence and murder, taken by those who wish to avenge, seek revenge or just want to kill for the pleasure of it. But, for the No. the 26 position on the list, we will be focusing on the original Grendel, Hunter Rose. A rich socialite with too much time on his hands, Rose used his family fortune and resources to become a masked assassin, killing mobsters or those just unfortunate enough to get in his way, before creating his own criminal empire. His reason for doing this is simple: he was bored. Seeking more thrills and excitement, Hunter stalks the rooftops, looking for new prey and clashing with a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf. While I love the symbolism behind the Grendel mask, I prefer the original bearer over his successors, as most of them are anti-heroes and Rose is a villain through and through, and a perfectly ruthless one at that. He even managed to fight Batman to a near stand still during a memorable cross over story. I have yet to read the Grendel series, but from what I’ve read and seen, Grendel is most definitely on my list of future graphic novels to buy. Grendel is evil, but evil with class. Part 4 coming soon.

Top 40 greatest comic book villains-pt 2

arcade35. Arcade

Arcade lives for one thing and one thing only: his own personal amusement. Assassin, technological genius and psychopath, the man known as Arcade has lured his victims into his own twisted amusement parks, dubbed Murder-worlds and watch as they are subjected to all manner of death traps, obstacles and dangers. Due to his twisted psyche and looking for bigger challenges, Arcade has crossed paths with nearly every hero in the marvel universe, including spider-man, the avengers, the thing and even Dr. Doom, as they have all found themselves as unwilling occupants of Murder-world. Arcade has had many chances to kill half of the heroes he captures, but instead just plays with them and even offers them a small window to escape his traps. The reason? Because it makes things more “sporting”. However, growing frustrated with his lack of recognition and respect among the super villain community, Arcade has adopted a more ruthless and murderous attitude, capturing several teenage heroes and forcing them to fight to the death. The experience left the survivors traumatized and emotionally scarred. Which begs the question, if Arcade can go as far as to force children to kill each other, what will happen when he comes up against the older heroes? For now, only time will tell..

34.MaskBlack Mask

As mentioned in my top 15 batman villain list, Black Mask combines the theatrics of Batman’s traditional rogues, with the ruthless mentality of many of Gotham city’s crime bosses. Aside from his cunning, mask is known for his cruelty and sadism, using torture to get information, for fun or both. The darkest example of his sadistic nature was when he crossed paths with Catwoman. Wanting revenge on Selina for stealing his diamonds, and having learned her secret identity, Mask committed his most horrific crime to date: he had Selina’s sister Maggie and her husband kidnapped, killed the husband and forced Maggie to eat pieces of his corpse. I am not joking. The incident drove Maggie insane and would eventually lead to Catwoman finally killing Black Mask. However, as is the nature of comics, Black Mask would return, just as sadistic as ever. If Warner Bros. decides to use an obscure villain from batman’s rogues gallery for a future film, Black Mask would be the perfect choice.

33.GovernorThe Governor

A fairly new villain in the world of comics, The Governor would quickly establish himself as one of the most vile and deprived villains in Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series. On the surface, he appears to be a fair and loving leader among the populace of Woodbury. But, beneath this façade, is a twisted and cruel psychopath. Among his many crimes, the governor cut off Rick’s hand and raped Michonne multiple times. If that wasn’t bad enough, he keeps a collection of heads in his house, and has his zombie daughter chained in the basement. What he does with her…well, I will leave that for you to discover if you wish to read the comic. Eventually, Michonne got her revenge on the old governor, mutilating him horribly. But, somehow, the governor survived and led an all out attack on Rick and his group in the infamous prison, which led to the death of many important characters, before finally being gunned down by one of his followers.

Personally, I don’t read the walking dead, but I can see why most people like it, especially with the TV currently airing. And with the Governor, they got a truly evil and deprived monster. His actions during the Woodbury arc would have a lasting effect on the series for the next several issues. Even his portrayal in the show (where he is played by David Morrissey) is nowhere near as dark as his comic book counterpart. I hate the man, but his impact in both the comic and TV show cannot be ignored.

32. Black handBlack Hand

As dark as the governor was, he is nothing compared to the black hand. Like Mr. Freeze, the Black Hand was a rather silly villain during the silver age, and wasn’t used all that much in the years that followed. Then, Geoff Johns came along and transformed hand into one of the most vile and horrific monsters in the DC universe. Obsessed with death in all it’s forms, Black Hand (real name William Hand) became the catalyst for the Blackest Night event, serving as the avatar of death for the Black lantern Corps. Wielding the power to resurrect the dead, Hand can kill as many people as he wants, and bring them back as his own private army. Among the victims of his powers are his own family, who he killed in order to test out his new powers, and would later bring back as zombies, so they could have Dinner together. While the rest of the black lanterns were destroyed, Black hand is still active and will not stop until the whole world is a graveyard.

31. GoblinHobgoblin

The only “true” heir to the legacy of the goblin, the hobgoblin would go on to become one of spider-man’s most dangerous and enduring foes. There were two things that made the second goblin more dangerous than the original: firstly, the mystery. Throughout the hobgoblin saga, no one knew who the hobgoblin truly was. In the words of Roddy Piper, “just when they think they got all the answers, I change the questions!”. The second thing about hobgoblin was his sanity. Unlike Norman, Hobgoblin was perfectly sane, and in many ways, it made him more dangerous. Through sheer cunning, manipulations and cold blooded ruthlessness, the man behind the mask managed to outwit everyone and keep his identity safe, until the fateful day he was beaten and unmasked. The true hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, may have been caught, but he got the last laugh. He successfully framed supporting characters Flash Thompson and Ned Leeds, which would lead to Ned’s death and Kingsley getting away and retiring on a tropical island, with over a million in his account. Out of all of marvel’s villains, Kingsley is by far the most successful and effective, rivalling even Osborn as the greatest goblin.

Part 3 coming soon.

Top 40 greatest comic book villains-part 1

“My friends, I like villains. No, rather, I adore villains. My friends, I love villains! I love thieves, liars, killers and madmen. I love femme fatales, warlords, megalomaniacs and paranoid psychopaths. I scream in excitement at villains who always succeed, even in defeat. My heart leaps with joy whenever I witness a monster ripping an innocent to bloody pieces. And there is nothing more arousing, then watching a femme fatale manipulate a hapless victim to their destruction. And there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone destroy civilizations, killing thousands of innocents, in the deluded belief that they are doing it “for the greater good”. I always smile when watching a planner scheme and manipulate the pawns in his chess games, and I always cry “yes” whenever a master criminal gets away with his ill-gotten gain. And nothing beats just sitting back and watching a cackling sociopath burn the whole world to the ground, just because it gives him pleasure.  And, if there is any medium that has a better collection of vandals, thieves and general deviants of all ages, it is comic books. So, join me my friends, as I count down the top 40 greatest villains to ever grace a comic book page. These are the villains, who in my opinion, will continue to menace the world or be re-invented into something much darker. My friends, these are my top 40 greatest comic book villains, and they will bring you hell”.  

40. Metallo METALLO: While his back-story in the comics has changed many times (from criminal to military general), one thing has remain constant: his hatred of superman. Powered by Superman’s greatest weakness, Kryptonite, the maniacal cyborg has been one of superman’s most dangerous foes, as the man of steel literally can’t get near him without collapsing. All Metallo has to do is stand over the last son of Krypton, and watch him die…slowly.

39.Boomerang Captain Boomerang Captain Boomerang is a bastard. Beneath the somewhat silly costume, lies the heart of a true criminal: lying, cheating, obnoxious, cowardly, ignorant and down right nasty. Primarily a foe of the flash, and a recurring member of the rogues, Digger Harkness is also a founding member of the modern-day suicide squad, where his very unpleasant personality traits became most well-known. Despite this, Digger is highly skilled with the boomerang, able to take out 3 or more victims with a single throw. And as mention before, Boomer is a ruthless criminal and shows no remorse for his actions, as he allowed a fellow member of the SS to be killed when he could have saved her (payback for humilating him in front of the rest of the squad), and manipulated another to his death. Boomer is one villain you should never underestimate.

38.Rhino RHINO One of Spider-man’s most powerful adversaries, the Rhino is a force of nature that cannot be stop (unless you are spider-man). Originally portrayed as a common thug given super human strength and durability via a advanced, rhino-themed suit, the Rhino has shown surprising levels of depth and complexities over the years as a simple man trying to make a living. Eventually, Rhino (real name Aleksei Sytsevich) retired, met a beautiful woman named Oksana and got married. It would appear as though one of spider-man’s oldest foes had finally found happiness. But sadly, it was not meant to be. A new rhino would emerge, and during his attack against the old rhino, Oksana died. With the love of his life dead, Aleksei turned his back to a life of crime, but now wanted to bring misery and pain to the one man he feels is responsible for his pain: Spider-man. He would achieve this goal, by causing the death of Silver Sable, a friend and ally of the web-slinger, though it also came at the cost of his own life. But, the man formally known as Aleksei Sytsevich, died with a smile on his face.

37.kilgrave Purple Man  Unlike the others villains on this list so far, Zebediah Killgrave, The Purple Man, doesn’t need weapons or enhance strength. All he needs to do is ask you, very politely, to do something for him, and you will do it. Whether you want to or not. Purple man has the power to control the wills and minds of others, and the victim is compelled to follow his commands, no matter how hard they resist. Killgrave has used his powers for his own sick amusement for years, including the time he controlled a young superhero,  Jessica Jones, and psychologicaly tortured her for months, making her do god knows what. If he wanted too, the purple man could take over the world with his power. In fact, Dr Doom actually used Killgrave’s powers to enslave the whole world! Don’t let the silly name fool you, The Purple Man is one of Marvel darkest and depraved villains.

36Cheshire Cheshire One of the deadliest assassins in the dc universe, Cheshire has battled many prominent heroes over the years, primarily the Teen Titans. Not only is she a skilled martial artist, she has coated her finger nails in the deadliest poisons known to man, and one scratch from her could mean a slow and painful death. The only thing more lethal than her nails, it’s her personality. Cheshire is a cold-blooded killer, who kills either for money or for pleasure. The worst example of her sadism came when she detonated a nuclear bomb within a small country, killing thousands of people, and showing no remorse for the action. The only time she has shown true humanity is in her relationship with former titan and solo hero, Roy Harper, which resulted in Ches giving birth to their daughter, Lian Harper. However, despite showing genuine love for the girl, Cheshire would later sleep with another mercenary, Thomas Blake, AKA Catman, and give birth to his son. The reason for this is simple: she wanted a “replacement” in-case anything happened to Lian. Despite this however, she displayed genuine grief when she learned Lian had died, showing that she truly loved the child. However, Cheshire is still a ruthless and cold murderer, who will not hesitate to slit your throat if she feels like it. Part 2 will be coming soon.

New years Resolutions and future posts

Hello. this will be my first blog post of the new year!

Last year had many ups and downs, but this year, I plan on focusing on the positives then the negatives and focus on one thing at a time. This year, I have many goals and aims I wish to reach and hopefully, I will. So, I wish to list my following new years resolutions:

1. Spend less time on internet and more time reading books and novels (not just graphic novels)

2. Fatten myself up and build some muscle

3. Focus on my pathway work and decided which career path in fine art is his best for me

4. Find part-time job in Farnham

5. Find a girlfriend

Those are my resolutions for this year. Hopefully, I will follow through on at-least one of them.

As for my Blogs, I will continue to update them as much as possible.

Until then, happy new year!