Top 40 greatest comic book villains-Part 4

25.Lady_shiva Lady Shiva

If there is one person in the DCU who rightfully deserves the title of greatest martial artist, its Lady Shiva. One of the world’s deadliest assassins, Shiva skills are unmatched and few have defeated her in hand-to-hand combat. The only ones to rival her skills are Richard dragon, Canary and Batman. Even so, a victory against her would not come easily. However, while she is a ruthless killer who hires out her skills to the highest bidder, she is ultimately motivated by her own self-interest, which has led her to train several heroes, including the Question and Tim Drake. She is also the mother of Cassandra Cain, the third Batgirl. However, that won’t stop Shiva from putting a blade to her daughter’s throat if she gets in her way.

24.penguinThe Penguin

Despite coming from a wealthy family, Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)was mercilessly bullied in his youth, eventually turning to a life of crime. What I’ve always loved about Penguin is his staying power. Often considered one of Batman’s weakest foes, Penguin is actually his most cunning foe, as he was smart enough to open his own business and become a respectable business man. Not only is he making money on the outside, he is making much more on the inside, thanks to his criminal connections. Despite this, he is still underestimated by others, which usually results in them getting a face full of machine gun,concealed inside one of his umbrellas. His popularity within popular culture is thanked largely to his appearance from the Adam West batman TV show, where he was played by Burgess Meredith. Like many of Batman’s foes, the Penguin has become a darker and more sadistic villain over the years, putting on the appearance of a wealthy business man and “reformed” criminal.

The Penguin has remained one of Batman’s most well-known foes and still continues to be a persistent and dangerous menace within the Gotham Underworld.

23.ArcaneAnton Arcane

There is only one word that best describes Anton Arcane: Monster. Obsessed with discovering the secrets of Immortality, Anton conducted twisted experiments on innocent victims, including his own brother and niece. Anton would eventually come across the swamp-thing, an encounter that resulted in Arcane losing his humanity, and his life. But, Anton’s evil knew no bounds and would not simply perish. He has come back again and again, with only one goal in mind: to torment his Niece Abigail and her lover, the Swamp thing.

Unlike the majority of villains on this list, Anton chooses to be evil, and loves every second of it. The lengths he will go to bring pain and misery to everyone around him is truly shocking. He once sent his own niece’s soul to hell, where she would be tortured forever and suffer atrocity after atrocity, just because he could. At-least with the Joker, there is a hint that he may have been a good man. But Arcane has never been good, he has never been anything, other than pure evil.


Kang the conqueror is a master of time. No, he is not a time lord, but he has mucked about with the time stream so many times, there are multiple versions of him, spread across time and space. Whether he is descended from Reed Richards or Dr. Doom is unknown, but what is known about Kang is that he hails from an alternate future and has used time travel extensively in his quest for power and control. He is one of the Avengers most frequent foes, having battled them on multiple occasions across time and space, and even has the distinction of being one of the few foes to have actually BEATEN them and actually conquered the entire world for a brief time. And while his lineage is prone to shift and change throughout the time stream, Kang will always be the conqueror.

21. Dark dimensionDormammu

Ruler of the Dark Dimension and arch-foe of the Sorcerer Supreme, Dormammu is one of the most powerful and evil brings in the Marvel universe. His powers are vast, including teleportation, mind control, matter manipulation and even time travel, among others. He is at his strongest within his dark dimension, where his powers knows no limits. His powers rivals the likes of Mephisto, the Celestials and even Galactus himself and he fears no one. He even managed to defeat both the Avengers and the Defenders single-handedly and has come dangerous close to conquering our dimension.

Like many marvel villains (and quite a few comic book characters) I didn’t really like Dormammu at first, but after looking into his history (and seeing his appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3) I’ve started to take a liking to the dark lord. The one thing that separates him from other, generic overlords is his fascination (and begrudging) respect for  his nemesis, Dr. Strange. He could destroy the sorcerer Supreme at any time, but chooses not. The reason for this is one, simple wish: to defeat the one mortal to ever stand up to him. Dormammu takes great amusement in tormenting and battling Strange, arguably more than conquering our world. While others have failed or briefly succeed, the dreaded Dormammu is arguably the one malevolent being who could finally take over the world and turn it into his own, hellish domain, IF he so Chooses.


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