Top 40 greatest comic book villains-Part 3


“Nothing can stop the Juggernaut!” Those words sum up this walking force of destruction perfectly. Half brother of Charles Xavier, Cain Marko discovered a mystical gem, the crimson gem of Cytorrak, and read the inscription on it, invoking the power of the crimson bands of Cytorrak and becoming a Living Juggernaut. Super human strength, durability, stamina and unrestrained momentum that cannot be stopped once he starts moving forward, The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, having battled many heroes, including the X-Men, the Hulk and most famously, Spider-Man. Similar to Rhino, Marko was portrayed as simple-minded, but over the years, he has grown more complex and even tragic to a degree. At one point, Juggernaut would join the X-Men for a brief time, but the corrupting powers of gem of Cytorrak would leave Marko in constant struggle with his good and evil sides. Whether his a hero or villain, The Juggernaut is raw power and he isn’t afraid to use it.

29.master of mirrorsMirror Master

Next to captain cold, Mirror Master is my all time favourite rogue. While in prison, Sam Scudder developed highly advanced optical technology, which allows him to travel to and from any location through mirrors or any other reflective surface. But that is not the extent of his powers, for the Mirror Master can create copies of himself to fool his enemies, hypnotize them, turn their eyeballs into glass, and even trap them inside mirrors, lost forever inside the mirror dimension.

A founding member of the Flash’s rogue’s gallery, Sam died during the original crisis, but his legacy lived on through Scottish hit-man, Evan McCullough, who proved to be even more ruthless than his predecessor. Regardless of who wears the mask, the Mirror Master is one of the most powerful villains to ever appear in a comic book, and his mirror-based weaponry has only gotten more powerful over the years.

28. PoisonPoison Ivy

If there is one villain who can control even the mighty Juggernaut, it’s Pamela Isley, AKA, Poison Ivy. Along with her stunning looks, Ivy also posses the power to control the minds of men (and women) through pheromones she secrets from her body, as well as the ability to control plant life and being immune to all forms of Poisons. Poison Ivy has been one of Batman’s most ruthless enemies, as she seeks to protect and preserve mother nature by killing anyone who threatens it. Despite being a classic villain in the DC universe, I feel that Pamela is criminally underutilized and overlooked, with her best stories stemming from B:TAS. At one time, Ivy took control of one of the most powerful beings in comic books, the man of steel himself, through a combination her mind-control spores and traces of Kryptonite. If she wanted, Ivy could control the entire justice league with her spores! The world’s greatest heroes in the thrall of Poison Ivy. Hopefully, a story like that might still happen one day.

27. Cyborg supermanCyborg Superman/Hank Henshaw

Some men want to rule the world, others want to see it burn. And others, such as Hank Henshaw, just wants to die. After a disastrous mission into space, the young astronaut once known as Hank Henshaw, was exposed to high levels of radiation that destroyed his body, piece by piece. But, he managed to transfer his mind into a cyborg body and appeared in front of his wife. Tragically, the shock of his appearance drove Hank’s wife to commit suicide. Driven insane by the lost of his humanity, Hank upgraded his cyborg form to resemble the man he sees as being responsible for his pain: Superman. Now known as Cyborg Superman, Hank has spread nothing but pain and destruction, including destroying the home city of Hal Jordan. Eventually, Henshaw joined the Sinestro Corps with one goal in his mind: to be destroyed. Having lost everything in his life, Hank just wants to die and end his miserable existence, even if it means ending the lives of millions to achieve this goal.

26. grendelGrendel ( Hunter Rose)

Over the years, Grendel has become a symbol of violence and murder, taken by those who wish to avenge, seek revenge or just want to kill for the pleasure of it. But, for the No. the 26 position on the list, we will be focusing on the original Grendel, Hunter Rose. A rich socialite with too much time on his hands, Rose used his family fortune and resources to become a masked assassin, killing mobsters or those just unfortunate enough to get in his way, before creating his own criminal empire. His reason for doing this is simple: he was bored. Seeking more thrills and excitement, Hunter stalks the rooftops, looking for new prey and clashing with a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf. While I love the symbolism behind the Grendel mask, I prefer the original bearer over his successors, as most of them are anti-heroes and Rose is a villain through and through, and a perfectly ruthless one at that. He even managed to fight Batman to a near stand still during a memorable cross over story. I have yet to read the Grendel series, but from what I’ve read and seen, Grendel is most definitely on my list of future graphic novels to buy. Grendel is evil, but evil with class. Part 4 coming soon.


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