Top 40 greatest comic book villains-pt 2

arcade35. Arcade

Arcade lives for one thing and one thing only: his own personal amusement. Assassin, technological genius and psychopath, the man known as Arcade has lured his victims into his own twisted amusement parks, dubbed Murder-worlds and watch as they are subjected to all manner of death traps, obstacles and dangers. Due to his twisted psyche and looking for bigger challenges, Arcade has crossed paths with nearly every hero in the marvel universe, including spider-man, the avengers, the thing and even Dr. Doom, as they have all found themselves as unwilling occupants of Murder-world. Arcade has had many chances to kill half of the heroes he captures, but instead just plays with them and even offers them a small window to escape his traps. The reason? Because it makes things more “sporting”. However, growing frustrated with his lack of recognition and respect among the super villain community, Arcade has adopted a more ruthless and murderous attitude, capturing several teenage heroes and forcing them to fight to the death. The experience left the survivors traumatized and emotionally scarred. Which begs the question, if Arcade can go as far as to force children to kill each other, what will happen when he comes up against the older heroes? For now, only time will tell..

34.MaskBlack Mask

As mentioned in my top 15 batman villain list, Black Mask combines the theatrics of Batman’s traditional rogues, with the ruthless mentality of many of Gotham city’s crime bosses. Aside from his cunning, mask is known for his cruelty and sadism, using torture to get information, for fun or both. The darkest example of his sadistic nature was when he crossed paths with Catwoman. Wanting revenge on Selina for stealing his diamonds, and having learned her secret identity, Mask committed his most horrific crime to date: he had Selina’s sister Maggie and her husband kidnapped, killed the husband and forced Maggie to eat pieces of his corpse. I am not joking. The incident drove Maggie insane and would eventually lead to Catwoman finally killing Black Mask. However, as is the nature of comics, Black Mask would return, just as sadistic as ever. If Warner Bros. decides to use an obscure villain from batman’s rogues gallery for a future film, Black Mask would be the perfect choice.

33.GovernorThe Governor

A fairly new villain in the world of comics, The Governor would quickly establish himself as one of the most vile and deprived villains in Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series. On the surface, he appears to be a fair and loving leader among the populace of Woodbury. But, beneath this façade, is a twisted and cruel psychopath. Among his many crimes, the governor cut off Rick’s hand and raped Michonne multiple times. If that wasn’t bad enough, he keeps a collection of heads in his house, and has his zombie daughter chained in the basement. What he does with her…well, I will leave that for you to discover if you wish to read the comic. Eventually, Michonne got her revenge on the old governor, mutilating him horribly. But, somehow, the governor survived and led an all out attack on Rick and his group in the infamous prison, which led to the death of many important characters, before finally being gunned down by one of his followers.

Personally, I don’t read the walking dead, but I can see why most people like it, especially with the TV currently airing. And with the Governor, they got a truly evil and deprived monster. His actions during the Woodbury arc would have a lasting effect on the series for the next several issues. Even his portrayal in the show (where he is played by David Morrissey) is nowhere near as dark as his comic book counterpart. I hate the man, but his impact in both the comic and TV show cannot be ignored.

32. Black handBlack Hand

As dark as the governor was, he is nothing compared to the black hand. Like Mr. Freeze, the Black Hand was a rather silly villain during the silver age, and wasn’t used all that much in the years that followed. Then, Geoff Johns came along and transformed hand into one of the most vile and horrific monsters in the DC universe. Obsessed with death in all it’s forms, Black Hand (real name William Hand) became the catalyst for the Blackest Night event, serving as the avatar of death for the Black lantern Corps. Wielding the power to resurrect the dead, Hand can kill as many people as he wants, and bring them back as his own private army. Among the victims of his powers are his own family, who he killed in order to test out his new powers, and would later bring back as zombies, so they could have Dinner together. While the rest of the black lanterns were destroyed, Black hand is still active and will not stop until the whole world is a graveyard.

31. GoblinHobgoblin

The only “true” heir to the legacy of the goblin, the hobgoblin would go on to become one of spider-man’s most dangerous and enduring foes. There were two things that made the second goblin more dangerous than the original: firstly, the mystery. Throughout the hobgoblin saga, no one knew who the hobgoblin truly was. In the words of Roddy Piper, “just when they think they got all the answers, I change the questions!”. The second thing about hobgoblin was his sanity. Unlike Norman, Hobgoblin was perfectly sane, and in many ways, it made him more dangerous. Through sheer cunning, manipulations and cold blooded ruthlessness, the man behind the mask managed to outwit everyone and keep his identity safe, until the fateful day he was beaten and unmasked. The true hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, may have been caught, but he got the last laugh. He successfully framed supporting characters Flash Thompson and Ned Leeds, which would lead to Ned’s death and Kingsley getting away and retiring on a tropical island, with over a million in his account. Out of all of marvel’s villains, Kingsley is by far the most successful and effective, rivalling even Osborn as the greatest goblin.

Part 3 coming soon.


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