Top 40 greatest comic book villains-part 1

“My friends, I like villains. No, rather, I adore villains. My friends, I love villains! I love thieves, liars, killers and madmen. I love femme fatales, warlords, megalomaniacs and paranoid psychopaths. I scream in excitement at villains who always succeed, even in defeat. My heart leaps with joy whenever I witness a monster ripping an innocent to bloody pieces. And there is nothing more arousing, then watching a femme fatale manipulate a hapless victim to their destruction. And there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone destroy civilizations, killing thousands of innocents, in the deluded belief that they are doing it “for the greater good”. I always smile when watching a planner scheme and manipulate the pawns in his chess games, and I always cry “yes” whenever a master criminal gets away with his ill-gotten gain. And nothing beats just sitting back and watching a cackling sociopath burn the whole world to the ground, just because it gives him pleasure.  And, if there is any medium that has a better collection of vandals, thieves and general deviants of all ages, it is comic books. So, join me my friends, as I count down the top 40 greatest villains to ever grace a comic book page. These are the villains, who in my opinion, will continue to menace the world or be re-invented into something much darker. My friends, these are my top 40 greatest comic book villains, and they will bring you hell”.  

40. Metallo METALLO: While his back-story in the comics has changed many times (from criminal to military general), one thing has remain constant: his hatred of superman. Powered by Superman’s greatest weakness, Kryptonite, the maniacal cyborg has been one of superman’s most dangerous foes, as the man of steel literally can’t get near him without collapsing. All Metallo has to do is stand over the last son of Krypton, and watch him die…slowly.

39.Boomerang Captain Boomerang Captain Boomerang is a bastard. Beneath the somewhat silly costume, lies the heart of a true criminal: lying, cheating, obnoxious, cowardly, ignorant and down right nasty. Primarily a foe of the flash, and a recurring member of the rogues, Digger Harkness is also a founding member of the modern-day suicide squad, where his very unpleasant personality traits became most well-known. Despite this, Digger is highly skilled with the boomerang, able to take out 3 or more victims with a single throw. And as mention before, Boomer is a ruthless criminal and shows no remorse for his actions, as he allowed a fellow member of the SS to be killed when he could have saved her (payback for humilating him in front of the rest of the squad), and manipulated another to his death. Boomer is one villain you should never underestimate.

38.Rhino RHINO One of Spider-man’s most powerful adversaries, the Rhino is a force of nature that cannot be stop (unless you are spider-man). Originally portrayed as a common thug given super human strength and durability via a advanced, rhino-themed suit, the Rhino has shown surprising levels of depth and complexities over the years as a simple man trying to make a living. Eventually, Rhino (real name Aleksei Sytsevich) retired, met a beautiful woman named Oksana and got married. It would appear as though one of spider-man’s oldest foes had finally found happiness. But sadly, it was not meant to be. A new rhino would emerge, and during his attack against the old rhino, Oksana died. With the love of his life dead, Aleksei turned his back to a life of crime, but now wanted to bring misery and pain to the one man he feels is responsible for his pain: Spider-man. He would achieve this goal, by causing the death of Silver Sable, a friend and ally of the web-slinger, though it also came at the cost of his own life. But, the man formally known as Aleksei Sytsevich, died with a smile on his face.

37.kilgrave Purple Man  Unlike the others villains on this list so far, Zebediah Killgrave, The Purple Man, doesn’t need weapons or enhance strength. All he needs to do is ask you, very politely, to do something for him, and you will do it. Whether you want to or not. Purple man has the power to control the wills and minds of others, and the victim is compelled to follow his commands, no matter how hard they resist. Killgrave has used his powers for his own sick amusement for years, including the time he controlled a young superhero,  Jessica Jones, and psychologicaly tortured her for months, making her do god knows what. If he wanted too, the purple man could take over the world with his power. In fact, Dr Doom actually used Killgrave’s powers to enslave the whole world! Don’t let the silly name fool you, The Purple Man is one of Marvel darkest and depraved villains.

36Cheshire Cheshire One of the deadliest assassins in the dc universe, Cheshire has battled many prominent heroes over the years, primarily the Teen Titans. Not only is she a skilled martial artist, she has coated her finger nails in the deadliest poisons known to man, and one scratch from her could mean a slow and painful death. The only thing more lethal than her nails, it’s her personality. Cheshire is a cold-blooded killer, who kills either for money or for pleasure. The worst example of her sadism came when she detonated a nuclear bomb within a small country, killing thousands of people, and showing no remorse for the action. The only time she has shown true humanity is in her relationship with former titan and solo hero, Roy Harper, which resulted in Ches giving birth to their daughter, Lian Harper. However, despite showing genuine love for the girl, Cheshire would later sleep with another mercenary, Thomas Blake, AKA Catman, and give birth to his son. The reason for this is simple: she wanted a “replacement” in-case anything happened to Lian. Despite this however, she displayed genuine grief when she learned Lian had died, showing that she truly loved the child. However, Cheshire is still a ruthless and cold murderer, who will not hesitate to slit your throat if she feels like it. Part 2 will be coming soon.


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