New years Resolutions and future posts

Hello. this will be my first blog post of the new year!

Last year had many ups and downs, but this year, I plan on focusing on the positives then the negatives and focus on one thing at a time. This year, I have many goals and aims I wish to reach and hopefully, I will. So, I wish to list my following new years resolutions:

1. Spend less time on internet and more time reading books and novels (not just graphic novels)

2. Fatten myself up and build some muscle

3. Focus on my pathway work and decided which career path in fine art is his best for me

4. Find part-time job in Farnham

5. Find a girlfriend

Those are my resolutions for this year. Hopefully, I will follow through on at-least one of them.

As for my Blogs, I will continue to update them as much as possible.

Until then, happy new year!


Top 15 best batman villains-Pt.3

5) Poison Ivy:


Pamela Isley is a walking kiss of death. Despite this, she is very loving and compassionate, at-least to plants and all of mother nature.

An eco-terrorist of the worst kind, Poison Ivy uses any ruthless methods she can think of to protect nature and destroy those who aim to destroy it. In her mind, Humanity is the problem and she is the solution. What make her more dangerous is the fact that she has superpowers, making her one of the few foes in the gallery with powers.

Among her power-set includes the ability to control and manipulate plant life, secreting pheromones from her body that either controls others or kill them and an immunity to all known forms of poisons.

Another trait of Ivy is her sex appeal, which she won’t hesitate to use on most men (and even women if necessary). The only man she hadn’t enticed is batman, which naturally make him her common foe. Her only friend (human-wise) is Harley Quinn and together, these two have proven to be a formidable duo.

Both beauty and brains, Ivy is forever a thorn in Batman’s side.

4) Riddler


When you think about villains that challenge batman on an intellectual level, you immediately think of Edward Nygma, The Riddler.

Known for his green suit and question mark appearance, the riddler has challenged the dark knight with a vast array of riddles, mind-games and death traps, forcing batman to put his deductive skills to the test. Despite being one of Batman’s most intelligent foes, Edward is plagued with an obsessive compulsion to leave riddles at the scenes of his crimes. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t resist leaving clue, hoping his rival will try (and fail) to solve it.

The riddler has been an iconic foe for years, ever since Frank Gorshin played him in the Adam West TV show. Whether it’s a giggling psychopath or the smooth talking intellectual in recent years, the riddler will always be one of my favourites.

3) Two-Face


The worst kind of enemy is the kind that used to be a friend. In that case, Two-Face is Batman’s worst enemy. Once Harvey Dent, district Attorney of Gotham and ally of Batman, he life was destroyed when he had a vial of acid thrown into his face, driving him mad and turning him into Two-Face.

Dent is another favourite villain of mine, even more so than the riddler and even the joker. From the visual to the coin, which represents dent’s  mental state. Face up, dent is in control, but face down, two-face is dominant. I love the idea of Harvey having psychological problems before his scarring and this played out in many great stories. Even if his face is healed, some stories have shown that two-face is still in control, scarred or not.  Two-Face will always be one of the greatest batman villains.

2) Ra’s Al Ghul


If there is one villain who is more dangerous than the joker, it’s ra’s al ghul, the Demon’s Head. AN international terrorist, who has sustained his life through the Lazarus pits and leader of the League of Assassins, Ghul wants nothing more than to preserve the planet Earth, The problem is, Ghul is willing to kill off half the population on the planet to do it. Batman has always had a complicated relationship with the demon, as Ra’s has deep respect for “the Detective” and his strong will. He saw batman as the perfect husband for his daughter, Talia, and heir to his kingdom. While tempting, Batman knows that joining Ghul is the equivalent to shaking hands with the devil.

I’ve always seen Ghul as Batman’s secondary arch-foe after Joker and many of their battles have always left a lasting impact of Bruce life, in and out of costume. The newest robin, Damian, is the result of a one night stand between Talia and Bruce, further complicating the rivalry between the two. Despite that, Ra’s  will allow no one (family or not) to stand in his way to “save the planet”.

1) Mr. Freeze


Most of the villains on this list are obsessed (two-face and his coin, ivy and plants and hatter with, well, hats) , but what sets Freeze from the others is a simple and noble goal: Save his wife.

Once Victor Freeze, a cryogenic scientist, he sought to preserve his wife Nora in a freezing chamber, but his boss interfered and cause an accident that transformed Freeze into the walking, cold nightmare he is today.

Freeze is very different the other villains, as he doesn’t want money or power, he wants to save his wife no matter what. Thanks to Dini and Timm, Freeze went from a one note villain, to a complex and layered man who is continually wronged . Unlike two-face, Freeze is forced to,live in a sub-zero environment, trapped in a world he can see, but can’t touch. I’ve watched Heart of ice so many times, and it still makes me want to cry. Hell, I cried at the ending of the Mr Freeze animated movie, Sub-zero. Sadly, the year that movie came out, it was the same year of Batman and Robin, and we all know how that ended.

It really is a shame that the character is underused nowadays, because he is such a compelling bad guy and the stories from the cartoon were brilliant. Many of the rogues in Gotham are tragic and sympathetic in one way or another, which makes their battles with batman even more exciting.

Hope you enjoy this list, please leave a comment and sub to my blog if you like my posts.

Top 15 best batman villains-Pt. 2

10) Clayface:


I wanted to put killer croc on this list, but as much as I like him, he is still a big and nasty thug with a skin condition. Clayface on the other hand..

There have been many bearers of the clayface mantle, the first being basil karlo, a bitter actor who went on a killing spree when he learned that one of his films was being remade (this was back in the golden age of comics, where most characters had simple motives, if ridiculous) Future clayfaces however would go beyond simple costumes and masks and become a more dangerous adversary.

All of them have the power of shape-shifting, able to change their appearance at will, become anyone or even anything. When Clayface’s true form is revealed, (image above) he is truly grotesque. In addition to changing faces, he can also change parts of his body into weapons and smother his enemies with his clay-substance.

I’ve always liked clayface, ever since BTAS, where he became a more tragic character, similar to Mr. freeze and two-face. Sadly, his best stories (as that of several other villains who appeared) were in the cartoon, as there aren’t a lot of memorable clayface stories, except one where all the clayfaces came together to kill batman.

Hopefully, Clayface will get more prominent stories in the comics.

9) Hugo strange:


Hugo has a special distinction from most of Batman’s villains, as he is the first recurring foe for the dark knight (preceding The Joker and Catwoman) and the first villain to discover Batman’s secret ID.

This already alleviates him to arch-foe status, however, until recently, he has been unused and overlooked. Considering the competition, it understandable. It’s a shame, because similar to Hatter and Scarecrow, he uses psychological in nature, but like a psychologist, he studies his “patients” and manipulates them using their own psychosis.

And then there’s his obsession. Like Joker, Hugo is obsessed with batman, but he wants more to just destroy him, he wants to become him. He sees Batman as the perfect human being, mentally and physically. And this drive Hugo mad with envy and drives him to break batman, physically and mentally.

Hugo has become quite popular in recent years, thanks to his role in Arkham City and if am right, he will have a huge role in the latest batman comic, Batman: Eternal. We will have to wait and see, till then, “The Dr. will see you now”.

8) Penguin:


Unlike Hugo, The Penguin has had little trouble staying in the spotlight. Despite coming from a wealthy family, Penguin was mercilessly bullied in his youth, eventually turning to a life of crime. What I’ve always loved about Penguin is his staying power. Often considered one of Batman’s weakest foes, penguin is actually his most cunning foe, as he was smart enough to open his own business and become a respectable business man. Not only is he making money on the outside, he is making much more on the inside, thanks to his criminal connections. Despite this, he is still underestimated by others, which usually results in them getting a face full of machine gun, via being concealed inside one of his umbrellas.

While Oswald looks the gentleman, he is one of Gotham’s most ruthless and sociopathic criminals and not to be made fun  of. Just ask batman.

7) Harley Quinn:

harley quinn

I don’t need to go into much detail on Quinn, but here is the short version: Once the joker’s therapist, the clown slowly seduced (manipulated) the young doctor, playing upon her insecurities and drove her mad. Eventually, Harleen Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn, one of the Dark Knight’s most popular foes, arguably even more popular than her “Puddin”.

Quinn debut in BTAS, but eventually became a fixture in the comics where she is still a mainstay. Unlike most of the villains in Gotham, Quinn is more innocent and acts more eccentric than insane. Her only flaw is her obsessive and violent relationship with the Joker.

In recent years, Harley has become a darker character, and as of the New 52 reboot, she has become DC comics Deadpool. However, despite this change in character, I still love Harleen and hope she gets her Happy ending.

6) Scarecrow:


Crane is very similar to batman. They both use fear as a weapon, but whereas Batman uses fear to fight crime, Scarecrow uses it to terrorize everyone in Gotham. Since he was young, Jonathan Crane was always obsessed with fear, and combined with his constant abuse by his peers, drove him to use fear for his own twisted experiments.

Scarecrow has always been one of my favourites, as he is one of the few villains to scare batman. Whenever these two meet, Bats usually falls victim to Scarecrow’s fear gas, which is designed to force the victim to experience their own worst fears and nightmares. Crane has come close on many occasions to drive Batman mad with fear, but has always come up short. Not surprising because, you know, his bloody batman.

Despite this, Scarecrow continues to strike fear into the hearts of the people of Gotham and has stayed one of Batman’s most persistent foes.

Come later today for the Top 5!

Top 15 best batman villains-Pt.1

I promised I post something. Well, here it is.

Since this is the year of batman’s 75th anniversary, I’ve decided to put together my personal top 15 list, counting down the best villains the dark knight has ever faced.

Note: The Joker is NOT on this list. I know it a cardinal sin not to include Mr. J, but I see more as one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, not just a batman rogue. ANd this is MY list and MY rules.

With that out-of-the-way, let begin.

15) The Ventriloquist:


I know some people don’t like wesker, but I’ve always liked the ventriloquist. A quiet and timid man, wesker suffers from multiple personality disorder, which manifests into a violent puppet, Scarface. Scarface and wesker are perfect for Batman’s gallery of rogues, being both silly and dangerous.

Wesker is completely dominated by Scarface, with the dummy serving as the “brains” of the operation and always bully Arnold, verbally and physically. What makes the ventriloquist so dangerous is the fact that is underestimated. His victims just see him as a sad little man with a toy, oblivious to the fact that the “toy” has a loaded gun and won’t hesitate to use it. Scarface, despite appearances, is one of Gotham’s most dangerous crime lords and does not stand for any lack of respect.

14) Firefly:

Firefly 2

Garfield lynns, AKA Firefly, is more dangerous than wesker.

With his built-in jet-pack and handle flame-thrower, all firefly wants is to watch Gotham burn to the ground. Funny enough, firefly debuted during the silver age, and quite frankly, he was pretty rubbish. Following the dark revival of batman in the 80s, Garfield returned, as a pyro maniac obsessed with the flame.

Firefly has proven to be a formidable foe on many occasions, with his obsessions making him especially disturbed. “Gotham’s gonna burn!”

13) Mad Hatter:


Jervis tetch is a prime example of a batman villains: colourful and camp in appearance, but deadly and ruthless in nature. Out of all the villains, he is by far the most deranged. suffering from schizophrenia to obsessive-compulsive disorder, the latter stemming from his obsession with Alice in wonderland.

Because of this obsession, his crimes are all inspired by the tale, from stealing hats of all shapes and sizes, to abducting girls he thinks are “Alice”.

What makes his dangerous is his use of mind control.  Tetch has used many forms of mind control to dominate his victims (from drugs to control discs) and act out his twisted fantasies. Truth be told, I’ve always seen Jervis as one of the more sympathetic villains of Gotham, as all he wants is companionship and acceptance, but uses the wrong methods to get them.

Overall, if you meet Tetch, go to his tea party, or else.

12) Black mask:


Black mask is a combination of two types of criminals in Gotham: the costumed theatrics of Batman’s rogues and the mentality of a crime boss.

Black Mask is one of Batman’s most cunning and sadistic foes. Utterly ruthless, Black mask will stop at nothing and use any method to get power within the Gotham underworld.

I’ve often seen as a criminally underused member of Batman’s rogues gallery, which is a shame because this man is one of the most evil villains in comics. He cruelty and sadism was best displayed during the war games arc, where he used the recent power vacuum to become the kingpin of crime in Gotham city. Not before brutally torturing Stephanie brown, the fourth robin.

His sadistic tendencies would extend to catwoman, and while I won’t reveal any spoilers, I will say that what Black mask does to catwoman is one of the most evil things ever done to a person. Pick up Catwoman relentless and you will see what I mean.

11) Mr. Zsasz


In many ways, Victor Zsasz is the worst kind of criminal. He is the kind that chooses to kill.

Zsasz came from a normal background, but choose to be a killer, and murder everyone in Gotham, if not the whole world. Man, woman or child, it makes no difference to Victor. Everyone is a victim, waiting to die by his blade. And whenever he kills someone, he makes a tally  mark on his body, in order to remind himself of his kill.

Batman hates zsasz the most, because he kill at random and shows no remorse for his actions. At one point, Victor nearly killed Alfred, furthering Bruce’s hatred of him.

It’s the realism of zsasz that makes him so dangerous and scary. Because he was once a normal man, but snapped and became a monster.

Come back tomorrow 4 Part 2 of my countdown.

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